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Select matlab programming China site in Chinese or English for best site performance. Other MathWorks nation sites are not optimized for visits from your region. This example shows how to build matlab reference design to run an audio set of rules and access audio input and output on ZYBO board. To setup matlab programming ZYBO board, consult with matlab programming Set up matlab programming Zybo board section in matlab programming Define Custom Board and Reference Design for Zynq Workflow article. In this instance you will create matlab reference design which receives audio input from ZYBO board, plays some processing on it and transmits matlab programming processed audio data out of ZYBO board. You also generate IP cores for peripheral interfaces using HDL Workflow Advisor. Hough Transform is regarded as one of matlab programming most known algorithms for line and circle detection. It was built by Richard Duda and Peter Hart in 1972 ; they called it as matlab generalized Hough Transform after matlab programming associated 1962 patent of Paul Hough . Hough Transforms maps every edge pixel into parameter space and use typical HT to detect lines, circles, or every other parametric shape. In this paper, we pay attention to circle detection algorithms. There are many thoughts used for circle detection. Many HT based algorithms that detect circles were developed using different strategies. , , ; , . This evaluation requires students to choose and justify matlab programming most applicable analysis design, basically explaining WHY matlab programming chosen design will best answer matlab programming analysis question and is most appropriate in matlab programming specific instances. Students should clearly justify their advised analysis and evaluation strategies. 1. Title Page 2. Abstract/Executive Summary 3.